LEED Office

Being environmentally responsible is important to us at Northstar.  When we decided to move from our previous location into a new building in mid-January, 2006 we took the LEED protocols at the time and applied them to our new office building.  Our design team researched the requirements for a new development to comply with LEED for commercial buildings and many of our staff members received LEED professional credentials.  For our new home we worked closely with the general contractor, Conroy Construction to design and build an office we could be proud of and that was on the cutting edge of the green movement.  Our office complex employs such items as water efficient landscaping, exterior surfaces for reduced heat island effect, low VOC finishes, efficient HVAC system, commissioning, as well as many other items.  If our project had been submitted to the Green Building Council we had enough credits to certify for LEED Silver.