NorthStar’s Environmental Planning and Regulatory Compliance Team is dedicated to providing environmental and biological assessment services to a wide range of clients. Our team thinks analytically and applies forward thinking solutions to address environmental challenges, site constraints, wetlands assessments, biological analysis, regulatory compliance, and overall project planning. NorthStar’s Environmental team has a deep understanding of federal and state regulations and will accurately communicate what is needed for each individual project.

Regulatory Permitting:

Clean Water Act Sections 404 Nationwide Permit and 401 Water Quality Certification

Fish and Game Code Section 1600 Lake and Streambed Alteration Agreement

Fish and Game Code Section 1652 Habitat Restoration or Enhancement

Fish and Game Code Section 2081 ITP and 2080.1

Rivers and Harbors Act Section 408 Permission

CEQA/NEPA Compliance:

Initial Studies

Mitigated Negative Declarations

Environmental Assessments

Findings of NO Significant Impacts

Notice of Exemptions

Categorical Exclusions


Municipal Services Review

Annexation Applications

Opportunities + Constraints Analysis

Zoning Analysis

Entitlement Applications

Biological Resources:

CEQA/NEPA Compliance

Biological Resources Assessments

Wetland Delineations

  Botanical Assessments

Fisheries Surveys and Analysis

Bird and Wildlife Surveys


Construction Monitoring

Mitigation Compliance and Implementation

Kamie Loeser

MRTP, Principal Planner

Environmental Department Manager

Ms. Loeser has 25 years of experience in environmental planning and consulting. Kamie’s experience has covered long-range municipal planning, visual design, watershed management planning, CEQA and NEPA documentation, biological and natural resources assessments, and regulatory permitting compliance. She has been a member of the NorthStar team since 2009 and oversees a team of planners, environmental scientists, biologists, and GIS analysts.