Eaton Road Sewer Main

City of Chico
Design Fees
NorthStar Engineering (Civil & Prime)
Taber (Geotechnical Borings)
Bob Greenlaw
City Project Manager
(530) 879-6930

This project consists of preliminary roadway design and layout for a 2 mile stretch of a developing rural roadway in north Chico.  Plans include the complete design for a new deep sewer main to take the existing airport lift station off-line and provide future connectivity for developments along Eaton Road.  Part of the roadway layout includes possible roundabouts or signalized intersections at three points along the alignment as well as design of a separated 4 lane roadway to replace the existing rural 2 lane configuration.  Roadway widening layouts are constrained in multiple locations by right of way requirements, existing neighborhoods, and a creek crossing.  The planning process for these plans was begun with both storm drainage and sewer master planning as well as deep geotech borings to determine soil conditions at the bottom of the expected sewer main trenching..  These reports (prepared by NorthStar Engineering and Taber Consultants) have helped city staff determine the ultimate development constraints that this roadway infrastructure will face.  Design of the roadway is at the 40% stage with future public meetings and ultimate alignment / configuration determination by the City of Chico staff and the sewer plans are at 90% with expected construction of phase one as early as 2010.