Manzanita Corridor

City of Chico
Multi-Phased Project 2004 to 2009
Design Fees
NorthStar Engineering (Civil & Prime)
Gallaway Consulting (Permits & Enviro)
MGE Engineering (Bridge Design)
RTE Engineering (Traffic Analysis)
Pacific Hydrologic (Hydraulic Studies)
Thomas Phelps (Landscape Architect)
Bender Rosenthal (ROW acquisition)
Land Image (3D-Graphics)
Taber (Geotechnical Borings)
Towill (Aerial Photography)
Bob Greenlaw
City Director of Capital Design
(530) 879-6930
411 Main St, Chico, CA 95926

This project is an exciting multi phase high profile roadway reconstruction project on Chico’s main corridor west of Highway 99. It began in 2004 with public meetings and a project definition process which identified a 2.2 mile stretch of road as the project area and grew to include 3 modern roundabouts, 2 main bridge widenings, 1 new pedestrian bridge, various roadway infill work, modifications to a State owned traffic signal, design of a new signal, and pedestrian actuated crossing lights. Part of the project includes upgrading and constructing 5 bus stop locations along the corridor. The plans for all phases are complete as are construction improvements for Phase I, II, and IIB construction on Phase IIC, IID, Phase III & Phase IV is underway. One of the three roundabouts (pictured above) will become the first multi lane roundabout in Chico. In addition to the apparent roadway work this project included the design of additional storm drainage systems including quality treatment, sewer main extensions, new bike path facilities, roadway lighting, and a bridge undercrossing at Big Chico Creek.

This project included extensive public and municipal coordination, complete topographic field surveys and base mapping, acquisition of high resolution aerial photography, full roadway improvement design incorporating significant traffic calming components, traffic signal design and modifications, storm drain and sewer design, extension of existing double wide reinforced concrete box culverts at Dead Horse Slew and widening of both the Big Chico Creek Bridge and the Lindo Channel bridge. Sub consultants to NorthStar Engineering on this project included MGE (bridge engineering), Pacific Hydrologic Incorporated (hydraulic bridge studies), Carl Rottschalk and Tom Phelps (landscape architects), Towill (aerial photography), and Scott Ritchie of Roundabouts and Traffic Engineering (RTE). The City contracted directly with Land Image, Gallaway Consulting, and Bender Rosenthal for additional services not covered under the original contract. The successful management and execution of work for all of these sub consultants is tribute to the management oversight at NorthStar Engineering and truly an example of good team effort.