Meriam Park Subdivision

Gonzales Development Company
2006 to Present
Design Fees
Private per Developer
NorthStar (Civil)
Curry Group CGI (Geotechnical Report)
Ross Simmons, Senior Engineer
(530) 893-1600
111 Mission Ranch Blvd., Ste. 100

This project consists of a large new urban style subdivision complete with a mix of retail, commercial, office, municipal, residential, and parks all with varying densities. At the direction of NUB Arcsine Engineering has developed new street light standard sand complete photometric plans for the Meriam Park development. NorthStar Engineering is completing the design for the roadway improvements as well as on-lot design commercial, residential, and apartment designs the individual lot buyers. This work includes over 26 streets with varying cross sections, one roundabout, a new bridge crossing, widening of an existing creek crossing, a new traffic signal, and all of the infrastructure work to support the 1,500 homes & 1,000,000 sf of office & retail. Both on-site and offsite design work is being coordinated closely with the City of Chico following a strict development agreement. Roadway projects of this magnitude and complexity demonstrate NorthStar Engineering’s ability to design detail that fits into the overall picture.

Gallaway Consulting has completed an extensive environmental review of the site including wetland delineation, baseline biological surveys with protocol level rare plant and Butte County meadowfoam surveys; 404 Individual Permit Application, including alternative analysis; and 401 Water Quality Certification Application. Their work includes the preparation of Biological Assessment and consultation with US Fish and Wildlife Service regarding listed species occurring or with the potential to occur on-site, including vernal pool invertebrates, Butte County meadowfoam, giant garter snake, and valley elderberry longhorn beetle. Gallaway also provided consultation with CEQA lead agency regarding CA species of special concern, including spadefoot toad and western pond turtle. The services include on and off-site mitigation planning, including restoration planning, Operations and Management Plan, and Mitigation Monitoring Plan.

Curry Group (CGI) has prepared a large site subdivision report with over 25 test pits and provided general recommendations for typical residential, commercial, and municipal building construction. The report includes multiple “R” value tests which have identified two distinct soils groups allowing for varied structural section based on the locations of the road within the subdivision. This step alone has resulted in significant construction cost savings for the developer.

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