Sheppard Quiet Title Action

Butte County Superior Court Case Number 140196 was a case to quiet title to an easement that was in dispute.  NorthStar Engineering was retained by the plaintiff Charles Sheppard to conduct a field survey of the site.  This survey involved the location of the property boundary lines, the easement lines described in the deeds and the location of items within the disputed easement area.  There were access issues to overcome because of the dispute.  The field survey was completed and a topographic exhibit map was prepared by NorthStar Engineering.  This exhibit map included the property corners recovered on site.  It also included evidence of easement use and all items located within the disputed easement area.  This exhibit map was presented at the court trial as evidence.  James M. Herrick PLS provided expert witness testimony regarding the easement line and property lines shown on the exhibit map and the items located within the easement. 

Topographic Plat