Smuckers Warehouse Expansion

Smuckers Beverages / Modern building
2007 to Present
NorthStar Engineering (Civil & Building)
Ron Peck
Modern Building Company
3083 Southgate Lane
Chico, CA 95928

The existing Smuckers / Knudsen juice bottling facility had limited warehousing space and was trucking product for storage prior to distribution.  NorthStar Engineering won a design build contract with Modern Building to construct a 160,000 sf warehouse / distribution facility adjacent to the existing bottling plant.  NorthStar Engineering completed the design for the Civil Site work and the Building as well as an overhead connecting conveyor to the bottling plant.  In addition NorthStar Engineering is the LEED AP processing the LEED Gold application and overseeing the certification process.  One unique LEED site item is that all of the storm water generated by the new construction is directed to infiltration ponds where it percolates naturally into the ground.  This process both cleans the storm water runoff and re-charges the ground water aquifer through natural processes.