Washington-Montgomery Roundabout

City of Oroville
Design 06-07 Construction 2008
Design Fees
NorthStar Engineering (Civil & Prime)
Gallaway Consulting (Historic Prop. Survey)
RTE Engineering (Traffic Analysis)
Bender Rosenthal (ROW acquisition)
Land Image (3D-Graphics & Landscape)
Curry Group CGI (Geotechnical Borings)
Richard Walls
City Project Manager
(530) 538-2507
1735 Montgomery St, Oroville CA

This project included working with a roundabout specialist sub to determine the feasibility of replacing an aging signal with a modern roundabout. After initial traffic modeling and meetings with city staff and public interests the City of Oroville decided to anchor this end of its main street with a functional and aesthetically pleasing roundabout. NorthStar Engineering completed the design documents, with input from Scott Ritchie, for this compact urban roundabout. Land Image prepared conceptual and then final landscaping plans for the pivotal intersection including planting, hardscape design, decorative railings, and irrigation design. This project received both state and local funding and underwent review by the Caltrans Local Assistance program as part of the funding requirements. On-time and on-budget the construction of this project is currently wrapping up with only minor landscaping items left to complete. Included in this project were three separate ROW acquisitions which were preformed by Bender Rosenthal which included a historic property survey (completed by Gallaway Consulting) as one of the adjacent properties met the construction age requirements.

NorthStar Engineering completed roadway plans including sewer replacement, storm drainage modifications, decorative retaining walls, enhanced lighting, and full roadway and roundabout improvements. This site was particularly difficult in relation to ADA accessibility due to the extreme >5% slopes on two of the approaching legs of the intersection. NorthStar worked with city staff to either meet ADA design requirements or file formal non-compliance deviations at all pedestrian locations. Curry Group (CGI) provided “R” value testing that was used to determine minimum roadway sections for the roundabout. Despite on-going public opposition the roundabout is becoming accepted and liked by residents as both a key visual upgrade and for its traffic moving abilities. To aid in the public understanding of the traffic rules and how to negotiate the roundabout the City of Oroville asked Land Image to assist in providing additional public information material comprising a how-to-drive roundabouts brochure.

Team coordination proved to be a vital part of this projects success with NorthStar Engineering, Land Image and the City of Oroville staff working closely to meet all of the design objectives and keep the project on schedule. Despite minor delays when the council determined not to acquire the needed Right of Way and continue with construction (a decision that was later reversed) the project was constructed on the original schedule as set by the City of Oroville. This project is a key example of how NorthStar Engineering can work with a talented design team and dedicated City staff to deliver an exceptional project, on-time and on budget.