Rain and NorthStar

As winter approaches we are all hoping for a lot of rain and snow.   However, as the rain and snow arrives so does the enactment of our Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPPP’s).  We prepare the state required SWPPP’s for our customers that have construction in progress.  Weather forecasts are checked and logged daily to find out when a storm will impact one of the construction sites that we manage.  When the rain or snow arrives it time to deploy our Rain Event Action Plan (REAP).  Our REAP details how to keep runoff from the construction site from going into the storm drains and polluting the water being transported by them (Most of which is discharged into local creeks and rivers).  Keeping runoff as clean as possible is necessary in order to maintain healthy ecosystems within our creeks, streams, and rivers.  Jay Lowe and Carol Wallen are currently out in the field performing post rain event  SWPPP inspections.  The storm that occurred on Halloween had a decent amount of rainfall and we are hoping like all Californians that the much needed rain continues!