Multi-Family Residential Architecture

Humboldt Oaks Apartments

Meriam Park - The Quads

Portland Place Apartments

This project was built in a long-time industrial/warehouse district of the City of Chico. Our intent was to honor this history with our building shapes, massing and materials. The corrugated metal siding of the buildings is reflective of the corrugated metal siding and roofing on several of the existing buildings around the site, breaking up the continuous plane of front of the buildings by popping out toward the street.
Each of the eight units on the site are identified by a tilted wall projection, extending from the ground level to above the third level balcony. This dynamic element is wrapped in an olive green corrugated metal siding. At the ground (pedestrian) level, the apartment entrance is announced by a ground level opening in the tilted wall, while also providing weather protection and concealed security lighting at each apartment entrance.

Springfield Townhouses