NorthStar Employee

Andrew Huneycutt

Title: Assistant Biologist

Mr. Huneycutt serves as the Assistant Biologist for the preparation of the biological studies, such as Natural Environment Studies, Biological Assessments, and assists in the preparation of Wetland Delineations. Mr. Huneycutt also assists with storm water monitoring (SWPPP) inspections and reports.

He has been worked on various California Department of Fish & Wildlife (CDFW) projects as well as temporary positions with the Chico State Research Foundation and Pacific States Marine Fisheries Commission. The majority of his work has been associated with wild and captive Chinook salmon.  Studies conducted included mark and recapture, data collection, biologic sampling, fecundity, spawning, incubation, growth rates, survival rates, releases, diseases and mortalities within waters throughout California. He is experienced with anadromous stream habitat typing and assessments including measuring flow, dissolved oxygen, conductivity, salinity, alkalinity, pH, turbidity and gradient. He has trained staff in fish and macro invertebrate identification, trapping methods, back pack electro-fishing, seine netting, snorkel surveys, carcass surveys, trapping juvenile salmon, presence/absence surveys and data collection. While working as a Fish and Wildlife Technician with CDFW Mr. Huneycutt conducted fish salvage and relocation efforts for threatened North American green sturgeon and Central Valley spring-run Chinook salmon on the Sacramento River and Butte Creek.  He has worked cooperatively with federal, state, and local agencies, private landowners and non-governmental organizations to assess anadromous and fresh water fish populations. Upon joining NorthStar, Mr. Huneycutt prepares biological technical analysis documentation including Biological Resources Assessments and Biological Evaluations, Wetland Delineations, and conducts construction monitoring. In addition, Mr. Huneycutt conducts the storm water monitoring (SWPPP) inspections and prepares the subsequent reports.