NorthStar Employee

Carol Wallen

Title: Senior Biologist, QSP

Ms. Wallen graduated from CSU, Chico majoring in Biological Sciences. For the past 4 years she has worked for Beale Air Force base in the Environmental Office as a staff biologist supporting Natural Resource Management and Environmental Quality. The primary function of this position was to ensure regulatory compliance, specifically with the Sikes Act, Endangered Species Act, Clean Water Act (CWA), Migratory Bird Treaty Act, and the CA Construction General Permit. Achieving said compliance included permitting, mitigation planning, assisting with cost effective project design relative to impacts, species surveys, and Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) development.  Ms. Wallen has conducted preconstruction surveys, protocol level surveys, and habitat assessments for vernal pool fairy shrimp, vernal pool tadpole shrimp, Valley elderberry longhorn beetle, western burrowing owl, and Swainson’s hawk, as well as numerous surveys for migratory birds, including the installation and maintenance of exclusionary devices on structures.  She helps to determine project specific erosion control needs, develops Rain Event Action Plans (REAPs) and has conducted pre, during, and post rain event inspections with all associated water sampling requirements to ensure that erosion control measures are functioning adequately thereby reducing risk for CWA violations. She has also conducted construction monitoring to ensure the protection of vernal pool fairy shrimp, vernal pool tadpole shrimp, and numerous avian species. Monitoring activities include daily/weekly onsite inspections of habitat for impacts and possible take of species, preconstruction awareness training for construction workers, and ensuring all activities at a site are in compliance with USFWS formal and informal consultations, 401, and 404 CWA permits. She is experienced with stream and waterway assessments including measuring flow, pH, and turbidity as well as sample collection for lab submission.


Ms. Wallen has worked closely with USFWS, the USACE, and several local entities in the preparation and review of Biological Assessments, Environmental Assessments, Environmental Baseline Surveys, Erosion Control Plans, and SWPPPs for projects in Yuba, Placer, and Butte Counties for new construction, infrastructure improvement, and replacement projects. Ms. Wallen works closely with project managers, design engineers, the and all concerned regulatory agencies to design projects that avoid impacts to the greatest extent possible in order to achieve both economic feasibility as well as compliance with local, state, and federal requirements.  Achieving compliance from start to finish is the end result of closely monitoring projects and providing education to all parties concerned to ensure everyone understands regulatory requirements and implements avoidance measures effectively to avoid project impacts.