Onsite Wastewater Treatment Systems

Our Water Resource Department has developed a high level of expertise in the design and permitting of Onsite Wastewater Treatment systems (OWTS), commonly referred to as septic systems,  for both new construction and repairs.  NorthStar designs are centered on protecting public health and safety and protecting water quality.  We can accomplish this through our focus on the three main tenants of our OWTS design philosophy:

  1. All OWTS treatment and dispersal technologies have advantages and limitations. There is no one single solution.  We need to fit the correct technology to specifics of the project site and conditions, from regulatory permitting through operations.
  2. The key to the long-term performance and sustainability of an OWTS is Operations, Maintenance and Monitoring (OM&M.)  All OWTS designs must consider how a system will be maintained and then incorporate these considerations into the design details.
  3. OWTS systems must be designed with sustainable OM&M in mind.  Technology selection and design must consider the ongoing financial costs of OM&M.  For community systems it is critically important that the Technical, Managerial and Financial (TMF) aspects are addressed early and in detail.  System design needs to include a TMF strategy.

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