on the boards

It all begins with our people.  NorthStar is comprised of exceptional people and our vision is all about the people of NorthStar. Our vision of the future is for a strong and successful company that endures beyond any one person.  It’s not a coincidence that this company wasn’t named after an individual, that was a strategic move of Mike McEnespy and Myles Pustejovsky, the founders of the company.  They wanted NorthStar to continue long after they were gone. 

At NorthStar, we let our purpose, core values, and strategic anchors drive our decision making.  We are a company that strives for sustainability and continuous improvement. We have a strong sense of pride in our careers, work product, customer satisfaction, and our standing in the community.  We are loyal to our professions and we strive to reinvent ourselves to keep pace with the rapidly changing world.  We are an integrated team of related technology-based professionals and we are all aware that the pace of technological change is accelerating.

Our team members are actively involved in seeking a better way to do our jobs and meet the needs of our customers. We advance ourselves through conferences, certifications, seminars, community involvement, and company supported Lunch and Learns to keep departmental connections strong and assist in communication fluidity across the company as a whole.

We always have exciting new projects “on the boards” that entice us to invent new solutions, face new challenges, and meet higher standards. When looking through our recent projects, you’ll find that we are very involved in the improvement of our community, and sought after for expertise and experience serving Northern California. On the road of progress, we are always excited to see where NorthStar is going next!

Knowing that only 1 in 10  projects of this scale and complexity are on schedule and very few, if any, are on budget, we have the bragging rights of achieving both with NorthStar.”

– James F. Schlund, Director Chico Breast Care