Water Resources Projects

Capay School Septic Repair

The septic system for Capay Elementary was experiencing  issues dispersing tank effluent through leach field for final treatment and disposal. NorthStar Water Resources will  be performing data collections and preliminary sizing and siting, soil reviews, design preparations, and a final septic system design for this project.

Black Butte Water System

The proposed project for the Black Butte District of the Del Oro Water Company would install a secondary water source for the service district that will provide adequate water for residences within the community. The new well would be used as a secondary/backup system only. NorthStar is performing preparation of engineering reports, a CEQA notice of exemption, and a lot line adjustment.

Bay Area Tower Market LID Designs

NorthStar performed the civil engineering for two Tower Mart land development projects where Phase I MS4 permits were established and stormwater Low Impact Development (LID) designs were developed and successfully built. Tower Market 101 in Bay Point, CA utilized a bioretention facility to achieve both quantity and quality of site stormwater in accordance with the Contra Costa County stormwater design criteria.

Tower Market 5 in Santa Rosa utilized a vegetated swale along the frontage of the building to achieve target quantity and quality treatment of site stormwater.  This design followed the design protocols in the City of Santa Rosa LID Technical Design Manual. 

NorthStar also developed the operations and maintenance programs for both of these projects as stipulated in the special district development requirements and the MS4 permit.  Additionally, NorthStar has continued to support these projects with developing and submitting annual reports of the LID facility inspections to confirm sound operations, maintenance and performance of the stormwater facilities are being met.