Water Resources

With dramatic changes in technology and regulations of septic systems seen over the last 10 years, these septic systems are being more accurately described as Onsite Wastewater Treatment Systems (OWTS). The Water Resources Department has an innovative team of professionals specializing in the design of OWTS for residential, commercial, and community applications. NorthStar also offers a full range of services to address storm water issues from original design, permitting, and SWPPP implementation, to compliance monitoring. We utilize advanced tools to design systems individualized to your project parameters.

Elevation Certificate for Flood Insurance Program

Water Resources Facilities Design

Onsite Wastewater System Design

Hydrologic and Hydraulic Modeling

Retention/Detention Basin Design

Stormwater Pollution and Prevention Plans

Erosion Control Plans

Water Quality Monitoring

Integrated Water and Streamflow Enhancement Management

Nick Weigel III


Water Resources Department Manager

Mr. Weigel is a Senior Civil Engineer and NorthStar Principal, specializing in the design of decentralized wastewater collection, treatment and disposal systems. Working with NorthStar’s design team, his project designs include systems ranging from single-family residential sand filters to commercial and community systems. Specifically, he utilizes advanced and secondary treatment of wastewater; specifically, re-circulating sand/gravel filtration systems, aerobic systems, textile filters, and alternative disposal/reuse options; including drip irrigation and spray irrigation.