NorthStar Employee

Debra Edwards

Title: Senior Accounting/Contracts Administrator

Mrs. Edwards first gained office and legal experience while working for Robert King, Attorney at Law.  Following a break to start a family, Mrs. Edwards was offered a position with GDA Engineering, Surveying, Planning in 1986.  With GDA, she attained 25 years of experience in civil engineering and land surveying practices and office management.  She was responsible for document preparation, processing, and submittal of various projects with several cities and counties to include lot line adjustments, parcel maps, mergers and record of surveys, along with the checking of maps and legal descriptions prior to submittal.  Debra also assisted with various reports for government and public utility agencies, and with the preparation and compilation of land title investigation reports for legal representatives for court preparation and presentation. Along with daily contact with both private and professional clients, these duties required regular contact with all of the aforementioned agencies and title companies.  On the office management side, she was responsible for office organization and day-to-day operations, including all accounting, preparation of legal documents for debt collection and processing, payroll, and human resource duties including hiring of office personnel, and contract management. She was also responsible for some surveying data management in the office.  After NorthStar’s acquisition of GDA in 2011, Debra carried over her knowledge and experience to NorthStar and is now a Contracts  Administrator and in a Senior Accounting position.